Changing the way the world works and learns
That's a big statement. But it actually comes from the people who use our products.
Students. Teachers. Businesspeople.

Over and over again, we hear customers say that SMART solutions have brought change to their lives. Significant change. We hear that an autistic student has read his first sentence in a SMART-enabled classroom. We hear how SMART solutions have helped construction teams slash building costs. Teachers tell us they can’t imagine working without a SMART Board® interactive whiteboard. Health care workers say they are more productive. And groups of IT specialists have revolutionized the way they talk to their customers.

The stories are consistent and pervasive. We are improving the way people work and learn.

That fact motivates us to keep innovating. It fuels our determination to create solutions that help students achieve and teams work together more effectively.

We’d like to thank our customers for choosing SMART solutions twice as often as other brands. For inspiring us. And for helping us change the way the world works and learns.